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Strata Service Solutions

An innovative IT solutions company requires an innovative approach to communications. That’s why IT Director Laurence Whitlock contacted The Writing Hut to celebrate the company’s fourth birthday. He asked Tim how best to convey the story of an IT services provider that’s owned by three local authorities to enhance their efficiency and deliver cost savings.


Tim drew on his experience as a correspondent for Civil Service World, getting under the skin of Strata and writing a narrative that captured its distinctiveness. The result was “Strata@4”, which remains a crucial tool in Strata’s communications strategy.

“Tim is great to work with, highly engaging and has a style of writing that delivers an easy yet informative read. ‘Strata@4’ gave us the opportunity to review the exciting journey we had been on as a business, the challenges we’ve faced and the successes we’ve had along the way.

Tim delivered a first-class piece of independent writing that told the story of our journey not just from the Strata perspective but also and importantly from our clients’ viewpoint as well.”

- Laurence Whitlock, IT Director

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