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Exmoor National Park Authority

As part of our ongoing relationship with Exmoor National Park Authority, we’ve delivered a four-session training course in corporate communications and writing, with ongoing mentoring for staff. We’ve also provided copywriting support on official reports, including the National Park Partnership Plan and a report about nature recovery. And we worked with the whole staff team to develop tone-of-voice guidelines, delivering workshops to help bed them in across the organisation.

“The training Tim delivered for us was participative, engaging and fun, with a helpful practical focus. He set up a warm and relaxed environment that really helped each person to grow in confidence.

We took a collaborative approach to producing the copy for The Exmoor National Park Partnership Plan. Tim helped us find the right language and sentiment to engage our audience. He did the same for a report about nature recovery, where his understanding of the political dynamics proved invaluable.

Tim also helped us with a Tone of Voice project. It was great that he already knew the organisation and was able to talk to staff and Members to understand our values and corporate style. He then provided clear written guidance that was tailored to the National Park Authority, helping us bring consistency to our communications.

Overall, working with Tim and The Writing Hut is always a positive experience.”

- Clare Reid, Head of Strategy and Performance, Exmoor National Park Authority

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