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Training to empower and inspire. 

Alongside his career as a writer, Tim's always been involved in professional and executive education.


Whether it's university lecturing, training priests for the Church of England, forming the next generation of corporate copywriters, or delivering workshops for businesses, educational institutions and charities, he's rarely happier than when working with a group to develop their skills. 

Our training offer includes:

  • Communications training: sharpen your team's verbal and written communication with a bespoke programme that's right for your context. Tim's worked with blue-chip companies, SMEs, charities, universities and colleges to help their staff develop healthy habits of communication


  • Copywriting training: if you want to develop your in-house copywriting capacity, we deliver workshops that build the right skills. From researching and ideation through to writing and editing, our courses hit all the right notes

  • Media relations training: using Tim's experience as a journalist in local, regional and national media, and as a senior communications professional in the private sector, we deliver training that helps you build meaningful relationships with the media and present your message in the best way


  • Presentation skills training: not everyone is a natural when it comes to presenting. But after a presentation skills workshop with Tim, your staff will feel confident at delivering their message and connecting with their audience

  • Time management training: life is busy, and most of us juggle a multitude of responsibilities. Tim can help your staff manage competing demands and deliver their very best work, with simple time-management habits to enhance their lives

  • Ethics training: want help sorting right from wrong? With a PhD in ethics and extensive real-world senior management experience, Tim provides workshops that create a healthy culture of doing the right thing

  • Meeting chairing and facilitation: an external chair or facilitator for meetings can help them function more effectively. Let Tim hold the space so your people can do their thing, secure in the knowledge that the discussion will have purpose, direction, and clarity

  • Conference hosting and facilitation: Tim's accustomed to holding the fort at conferences, setting a warm and friendly tone of inquiry and exploration. His quick humour and calm demeanour create the perfect conditions for your event to succeed

Please contact Tim to discuss your needs. Whatever you require, we'll tailor a course that's perfect for your people. 

We worked with The Writing Hut to develop a staff training programme and embed our house style.  Using real-life examples we created an interactive course that was relevant to people’s roles, helping them communicate more effectively – be that to customers, staff or the press. Most importantly, it’s shown that, far from being a dark art, good copywriting can be learned and put into practice by everyone – it can even be fun!


Tim has a supportive and encouraging training style – words become fun, rather than something to be grappled with or forgotten as quickly as possible.

- Mark Charlton, Former Group Communications Director – Connect Group PLC

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