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Smiths News Plc (formerly Connect Group plc) and trading companies

We provided copywriting support for the UK’s leading specialist distribution company as it rebranded to reflect an evolving portfolio of businesses. We advised on strategy and tone for the new website and produced or edited all content. The site was nominated for two industry awards and scored extremely well in an Investis audit. We subsequently developed an ongoing relationship with Smiths News, working on several of its other brands, producing internal communications, writing tender proposals and delivering copywriting training and mentoring to its staff.

The bane of any website refresh is sourcing good content and maintaining that quality throughout.  Working with The Writing Hut was key to our achieving both.

Getting Tim involved early in the process helped us develop a consistent tone of voice.  We worked as team, exploring the most effective ways to present complex (and occasionally rather dry) material. Tim then did the hard work of turning our rough ideas into simple and engaging copy.

Words matter – but getting them right takes time and skill.  The Writing Hut succeeded in taking the facts and information and turning them into easy-to-read and interesting copy. 

Following the rebrand, we worked with The Writing Hut to develop a staff training programme and embed our house style.  Using real-life examples, we created an interactive course that was relevant to people’s roles, helping them communicate more effectively – be that to customers, staff or the press. Most importantly, it’s shown that, far from being a dark art, good copywriting can be learned and put into practice by everyone – it can even be fun!

Tim has a supportive and encouraging training style – words become fun, rather than something to be grappled with or forgotten as quickly as possible.

- Mark Charlton, Former Group Communications Director 

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