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It's time for a new story

A message from our founders

This year marks 10 years of The Writing Hut. It’s also 25 years since Tim published his first article in a magazine. So it feels like a good time to take stock of our business and think ahead to the next decade, and beyond.

In a fast-changing world, we’ve always been committed to helping clients communicate with elegance, economy and élan. That’s unlikely to change. But the ways in which we do it have inevitably evolved.

25 years ago, when Tim wrote that first feature for Kit Car Magazine, he had to bike a floppy disk round to the editor’s house for the copy to be laid out. Nowadays, it’s possible to send work anywhere in the world at the touch of a button – and that’s something we’re frequently asked to do.

What’s more, anyone can publish, which makes it harder than ever for organisations to have control of their narratives. But on the plus side, it means they can reach audiences in creative ways, online and offline, generating content that inspires, engages and impels action.

That pretty much sums up what The Writing Hut does for clients. We generate content and communications that inform and entertain, ensuring your audience is ready to respond positively to your brand.

It’s easy to say that in the abstract. But you want to see the proof. Which is why we’ve decided to relaunch our website, giving you a clear sense of what we can help you achieve.

We’re in the process of designing and writing the site now. It will feature case studies of our project work. It will contain examples of our writing. And we hope it will become the kind of place you choose to hang out, because its content simply can’t be ignored.

Until then, we’re very much open for business. You can contact us on info@thewritinghut.co.uk or by calling 01460 54182. We’ll always be delighted to hear from you. Whatever you need writing, we’re on hand to deliver (the bike is optional).

See you soon.

Tim and Sarah Gibson, Founding Directors

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