Ready for your big moment?


No? Well we are.

With an experienced journalist and video presenter on our team, we’re ideally placed to bring your video project to life. Give us a brief, and we’ll develop your ideas into a treatment and a script.

If your film needs a face, then Tim’s your man: he’s fronted video campaigns for clients including The Daily Telegraph and Vauxhall, and attracted audiences in their tens of thousands. If you’d prefer to tell your own story, though, we’d love to use our insights to guide and support you.

Liaising with directors and production teams comes as second nature to us. If your crew’s set up, we’ll slot in as part of the team. But if you’re starting from scratch, we can put you in touch with some top-notch producers and videographers whose work we can vouch for.

If you’d like to find out more, then please get in touch.