Words not your thing? We’re not convinced.


We believe that, with a nudge in the right direction, everyone has the potential to be an effective communicator. And nowhere is that more valuable than in the workplace.

Our bespoke courses are designed to unleash that potential: inspiring your people, unlocking their creativity, and empowering them to create compelling content. What’s more, by reducing the need for outsourcing, our training helps save your business money in the long run.

Drawing on our experience in journalism, video presenting, copywriting, teaching and public speaking, we offer expert advice and feedback on topics including:

– Copywriting
– Press release writing
– Media relations
– Communication skills
– Public speaking

Our training takes place in a supportive, down-to-earth environment. It’s free of fancy language and jargon, and injected with a dose of good humour. We tailor the course to your business and your staff, and deliver it in the comfort of your own premises.

Read Tim’s profile to find out why he’s so well qualified for this role, and take a look at a training case study here.

“Tim has a supportive and encouraging training style – words become fun, rather than something to be grappled with or forgotten as quickly as possible.”

Mark Charlton – Group Communications Director, Connect Group PLC