Sarah’s Story


A clear communicator and experienced wordsmith, Sarah Gibson has written professionally since 2009.

With a degree in modern languages from the University of Exeter, Sarah has spent a lot of time thinking about, and working with, language. She understands its structure and function, and has an instinct for its rules ­– as well as when to break them.

Before putting her creative and linguistic skills to use as a copywriter, Sarah trained as a solicitor. That means she is practised in the art of persuasion, and at translating complex ideas into everyday language. It also makes her a stickler for accuracy.

Sarah’s legal experience gives her a valuable insight into the professional services industry and the needs of its clients, as well as a hands-on understanding of the commercial world.

As a copywriter, Sarah has written extensively for print and the web. Her portfolio includes websites, newsletters, blogs, prospectuses, buyers’ guides, direct mailings and product packaging.